Filly Biz at the Museum of Renato Guttuso

Filly Biz at the Museum of Renato Guttuso


Villa Cattolica in Bagheria, the seat of Museum of Renato Guttuso, was the setting for the new Filly Biz shooting to promote the Fall Winter 2017 Collection. The dresses were brought to the Museum as artworks enjoyed by visitors.

Why to exhibit some clothes in a Museum? Because Filly Cusenza, who handmade each decoration of each Filly Biz dress, for 30 years has presented her artworks in all over the world museums.

One of them is the Museum of Guttuso. The most curious artwork that she exposed here is a big bra (6×2,60 mt) which was situated in the wall in front of the Renato Guttuso’s painting “Donne, stanza, paesaggi, oggetto” (1977). Filly explained that the bra was thrown by a half-naked woman of the Guttuso’s painting to the opposite wall. The idea of the title Tutta colpa dello zucchero It’s all because of the sugar (2009) born by a Sicilian tradition in which after the birth of the first granddaughter, grandmother used to put a bit of sugar in her lady parts to wish luck in love.

Then there was La stanza di Giusy (2007), the two big white dresses 4 meters high (2010), the steel needle 3 meters high (2010) and the art installation “L’invenzione e la fiaba” (2010). She realized a route made up of four rooms each of which was covered by tapestries and textile elements to carry visitors into a parallel world of childhood and imagination. It was a sensory and sound path in which people entered in bare feet.

Since 26 December 2016 you can find in the Museum four artworks made by Filly: Sposa che scappa Runaway bride (3×3 mt) Foto di famiglia Family photos, La mia casa è il Mediterranio My house is the Mediterranean, inspired by the tragedy of migration by sea from the African coast and Libro d’Artista Artist book.


So this time the artworks that Filly exposes at the Museum are her dresses: 21 fashion creations about the woman who lives every day the city.

Obviously, the inspiration is the “Sicilian metropolis” with its Baroque architectures, the Sicilian “ape” used by the street trader, a woman who is driving Vespa, cats that cross the street, a dog that yanks the leash, a woman who is talking on her cell phone, the coffee break.

The collection was presented in Paris and will be available from next fall.


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