From Paris to Bagheria: Filly Biz’ fashion show at Villa Palagonia

From Paris to Bagheria: Filly Biz’ fashion show at Villa Palagonia

After many travels, I did a fashion show in my city, where I work and where I usually get my ideas in so many ways.

Here there is a magic place: Villa Palagonia a beautiful building of the 1700s, named “House of monsters” because in its garden there are many sculptures in the shape of deformed creatures. After a trip to Sicily, Goethe wrote about this Villa.

Here, there is the “Room of mirrors” so named because the roof is covered with mirrors. This was the set of the show in which I presented a preview of Fall Winter 2017 Collection (discover the collection).

LEARN MORE about Villa Palagonia

One of the most important aspects was the cooperation with some students of local schools. Thank you very much to Mariarita Marchisciana, Valentina Macello, Lia Ficano, Paola Pasquale, Emanuele Correnti e Barbara Caminiti.

A special thanks to our models: Claudia Chiarello, Deborah Lo Piccolo, Martina La Rosa, Martina Scaffidi, Federica Castorina, Federica Blando Arianna Grigoli, Adriana Terranova, Alessia Militello, Angela Sutera, Valentina Barbata, Caterina D’Amato, Marzia Fravola, Giulia Gambino, Ilenia Minì, Ylenia La Ferla, Luana Anello, Luana Saimeri, Maria Concetta Caputo, Maria Scardina, Marianinfa Ranvestel, Mikaela Manna, Maria Cristina Pietrantonio, Roberta Galioto, Roberta Riccobono, Rosalinda Militello, Alessandra Sansone, Simona D’Amato,Valeria Varisco.

Check out the pictures of the fashion show on Fb!

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