Filly Biz for “Migrantes”: diversity creates beauty

Filly Biz for “Migrantes”: diversity creates beauty

I presented my new dress, one of a kind, in the amazing Greek Theatre in Siracusa. It was made for the project “Migrantes” promoted by the association FILDIS Siracusa and by the University Women of Europe (UWE).

The dress has the colour of the Suk, the Tunisian market so similar to Sicilian ones. The decoration is composed of a face that, annoyed by the conventional black or white of the skin, has asked the designer Filly Cusenza to have two colours: pink and brown. I think that the combination of different cultures creates beauty.

The dress will be sold at auction. All the proceeds will go to buy sewing machines for immigrant women. The aim is to offer career prospect in the fashion world.

The creation will be exposed during TAOMODA in Taormina from 15 to 22 July.

Not only that, I will teach in a master class! Fifteen immigrant women will make with me some tapestries that will be stitched together making “The hospitality’s blanket” to tell their stories.

Special thanks to Agata Patrizia Saccone, president of Taomoda and to ElenaFlavia Castagnino Berlinghieri President of FILDIS Siracusa and vice president of University Women of Europe.

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