Filly Biz for Creativewear Europe: make art in a company

Filly Biz for Creativewear Europe: make art in a company

Have you ever heard of the event “Creativewear”? It’s a European project which is to experiment new forms of interaction between creatives and companies. So that Filly Biz, a brand that makes art not clothes, has been invited to attend the edition in Palermo.

From 27th to 29th October, took place art exhibitions, installations and so on in different places in town. Vestino is part of the European project Creativewear, financed by Interreg MED programme” explains Luca Leonardi of the Arca consortium for the application of Research.

Palermo is not the only city of the project: the Creativewear Hubs were also in Prato, Ljubljana, Valencia, and Athens.

Filly Biz’ exposition

I presented my artwork “Between dress and artwork”: a couple of dresses designed to converse with the artwork by Mario Rutelli “Bacchus, Sicily and Pan” and with the bas-relief of the “Shepherd’s Dream” by Silvestre Cuffaro in Villa Cattolica, where the dresses were exposed for the first time. The work plays on the colors of white and red, an allusion to the two colors of wine. In the garment, there are inserted sewn wefts of red thread through which there are elaborated the clusters of grape with which the cloth is sprinkled that encircles Bacchu’s waist. The second dress is decorated by textile lambs referring to the literary myth of Arcadia in which man, animals, and nature harmonically cohabit. The white of the fabric symbolizes innocence and elegance.

There was also the dress “Architecture” of the Fall Winter collection 2017 which is decorated by the Baroque architectures of the typical Sicilian cities.

Palermo’s memories

At the event were exposed also the lovely creations of the Tiraz laboratory, born in the ’20s in Palermo. Thanks to the work and the passion of the marquise De Seta with Miss Fortunata Di Liberti, Tiraz was one of the most important brands in the field of embroidery and lace production. Today Tiraz no longer exists but Leontine Regine, the granddaughter of Miss Di Liberti, shared the story with us. She found and preserved the original sketches and the embroidery.

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