Filly Biz, SS18 Collection: a hymn to Nature

Filly Biz, SS18 Collection: a hymn to Nature

Here the Spring Summer Collection ingredients: Tomato with green hair and long yellow legs, Strawberries made of fuchsia sequins, Fennel with silver shoes, Sunflower with sunglasses, Carrot wearing a skirt, Peapod who wear high-heeled shoes, and Broccoli with red lips. These are just a few of the lovely characters of the new dresses.

There are also the lovely Filly Biz’ mermaids and the Spring princesses. In fact, the main subjects of the Collection are nature and flowers. I chose to use not only linen but also colorful cotton for a greater emphasis.


I like to make the dress as an artwork, I am free from any technicality. I cut and put together textiles to create decorations that have no fear to pass on some of the joy that I fell when I create them.

Sicily, once again, inspired me: two creations are decorated with many sardines that are swimming in the dresses. This idea comes from a trip I took to the Sardines Museum in Aspra, near the city of Bagheria where Filly Biz’ Atelier is located. In Sicily, the conservation processing of sardines has a long tradition and many legends are told of this work.

Inspirations come always from a daily life experience, a memory, a beautiful story which should be told through the fabric. Even those, who wears Filly Biz’ creation tells these stories like a storyteller.

Discover the new collection  HERE

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