The t-shirt that talks about friendship

The t-shirt that talks about friendship

During my business trip to Paris, I came across a very unusual request that immediately made me want to go back to the Filly Biz laboratory in Italy to begin creating.

Kristi, the owner of the American store “Ct Weekends”, asked me a t-shirt with her beloved “Pork Chop”, a cute English bulldog who always brings with it, even at work. Their relationship is very special and is closely linked to the touching story of Pork.

Pork Chop spends his days in the shop with his fans by it was not always in this way: a few years ago he was saved by an organization who took it with him and gave him this funny and strange name. Until he found the love of Kristi who took care of him all over to help him through difficult times caused by the seizures that have hit it.

“I think he knows what I did to him, but it does not compare to the love that he gives me, fortunately, his attacks are under control and no longer had them in the past three years,” she says.

Pork Chop has achieved many fans and became the mascot of the store. For this reason, Kristi wanted to represent in the t-shirts. And we are happy to help her because everyone wearing Pork Chop’s t-shirts show a positive message: you can overcome difficult moments with people’ love.

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  1. Thank you for sharing our story! Kristi and Pork Chop

    Kristi Hipple
    17 February 2018 Reply
    • ❤️

      Filly Biz
      17 February 2018 Reply

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