The new #madeforyou for Alba and Roberto, when art brings people together

The new #madeforyou for Alba and Roberto, when art brings people together

This month I made two artworks for two artists. Alba asked me to make some #madeforyou creations for her and for Roberto, the designer of the namesake jewelry brand Roberto Intorre that celebrates the beauty of Sicily by its amazing pieces.

In fact, the art in Sicily is so poetic and unique that we started together to talk about it.

I always thought that here in Sicily we have so many dificulties, because it is an island and it had so many problems in its history, that we started to create a magic world throught our imagination to live better – Alba tells – I love to think that the story of “Orlando Furioso” talks also about this aspect of Sicily.

So Alba asked me to make a bag with Orlando: “ I chose this subject beacuse we are making some jewelleries inspired by Orlando’s story and I learned to appreciate this beautiful story that talks also about the human weaknesses”.

The dear Orlando, who lost his mind because his lover Angelica get married another man, is a timeless romantic hero so I loved to make this bag #madeforyou.

The second #madeforyou that Alba asked me is an apron for Roberto’s birthday. I always use my special apron for work so I thought that it would be perfect to create one for him to use it at work. I reproduced him in an amazing portrait made from textiles, trying to capture his character and expressivity.

Roberto was stunned by the working apron! He wore it immediately and he just couldn’t wait to show it to customers – she says – You have more than exceeded my expectations. You are able to transform an idea into reality, I love this ability!”.

And I smile thinking about the look on customers’ face when they saw Roberto and his alter ego!


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