Filly Biz goes to Perù Moda looking for world’s colors

Filly Biz goes to Perù Moda looking for world’s colors

I just came back from a trip to Lima in which I knew the beauty of the textile industry in Perù.

That’s how it all started. Some months ago, Filly Biz was selected to take part to the Perù Moda by the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of Perù as the unique company of the south of Italy with other ten important Italian fashion brands.The purpose of this initiative is to connect companies around the world with high-quality local realities.

The weeks went quickly, and finally, the day of departure has come. From Palermo to Rome, from Rome to Madrid, from Madrid to Lima. After two days traveling I arrived on the other side of (my) world.

After the last twenty hours of flight, there was the Perù Moda desk welcoming me to the Lima airport and they brought me to the five-star Sonesta El Olivar hotel. Along the way, I started to know the city. At six o’clock in the morning, the streets were full of people, colors, car horns. After making the check-in, I entered my hotel room and I found on my bed the Perù Moda kit: an agenda, a pen, a bag and the badge with my name. After a long shower and the breakfast, I decided to go for a walk in the El Olivar neighborhood, one of the prettiest and more livable in Lima.

The next few days have been a big surprise. At Perù Moda I met several interesting companies which work alpaca wool and cotton for generations, many of which never had a chance to expand in the European market, maybe because of the distance that makes networking more complicated.

What I like of the textile industry in the Country is the coexistence of traditional companies and new designer who work to create something new.

Talking to Carla, a Peruvian student who is going to take a degree in languages and who was my tutor during the trade show, I learned that Perù is in a difficult political and economic situation: the government fell apart only a few months ago and the young feel that politicians stole their future. I told her that also in Italy we have an unstable political situation, and immediately we felt closer.

Moreover, not politics makes the economic strength of a country, but rather the companies of that country – we said, at the end of lengthy discussion about the subject – People make companies, companies make the economy. And the more they are small, the more they are brave”. At that moment there were no differences between us (I’m Italian and she is Peruvian, there are 10 Km between us) we were only two young women living in the same historical period that needs brave people.

Filly t-shirt + traditional dress. You can buy the t-shirt HERE

During my trip, I also discovered the Peruvian colors, the smiles of the people, and the amazing atmosphere of the most beautiful parts of the city (Barranco, Miraflores). I made contact with interesting Peruvian companies, and I met people who work for the made in Italy as Antonio, Gabriele, Elisabeth, Rada, Francesca, Giuseppe, Graziella, Lorena, Elena and who made my travel better. We have to say “thanks” to them because Italian fashion is a real heritage.

I wish Perù a lot of luck, because we are all a little Peruvian, having the cards right, waiting for the right opportunity.

Peruvian tapestries

Peruvian street art

Me and Filly in Barranco

Center of Lima

Meeting with a Peruvian company

Perù Moda kit

Street art in Lima

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  1. Amazing story! Love your brand

    Kate Salisbury
    7 May 2018 Reply
    • Thank you for your support Kate!

      Filly Biz
      7 May 2018 Reply

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